Friday, April 17, 2009


Simple way of using a food box to make chipboard buttons.

***Be sure to save all your cereal and other food boxes and use them as chipboard. Great to make die cut chipboard shapes or letters, covers for homemade albums, and so much more! You can also find free chipboard on the backs of paper pads, inside paper packs, even in a new shirt! Nothing is better than free and recylcing.. so keep an eye out for any way to re-use and save money!
(Using your die cutting machine to cut out chipboard shapes is so easy, and better still, you can cut pattern paper to match the shape and have an easy way of covering the raw chipboard. You can ink or paint the edges of the chipboard to give it a more finished look.)

Ways of covering chipboard:
*Paint it
*Ink it
*Various types of paper (patterned, cardstock, mulberry, even vellum)
*Run it through a sticker maker machine and cover the chipboard with ribbon scraps
*Rub ons or stickers

Have a great weekend!

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